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In this issue - July 2014

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Top News – Public Services
EU eGovernment Report 2014 shows that usability of online public services is improving, but not fast
Governments are increasingly aware of the importance of making their online services user-friendly. However, their focus is still mostly on making services available, leaving ample room for improvement in areas such as speed and ease of use, and transparency. Lack of progress in these areas can undermine citizen's trust in online public services and impede their use.
UN E-Government survey 2014
The United Nations eGovernment Survey 2014: eGovernment for the Future We Want was completed in January 2014 and launched in June 2014. The theme of the 2014 is particularly relevant to addressing the multi-faceted and complex challenges that our societies face today. The publication addresses critical aspects of e-government for sustainable development articulated along eight chapters.
e-Mark U Trust - Technical and Design Specifications
In this page, you will find the Technical and Design Specification of the e-Mark U Trust Competition, available in all EU languages for you to download.
EU eGovernment Report 2014 - Country Factsheets E-Government
EU eGovernment Report 2014 - Country Factsheets E-Government
H2020: Public Sector Innovation
ICT Proposers' Day 2014 - Registration is open
Organised by the European Commission and the Italian Presidency, the event is specifically dedicated to networking and promoting research and innovation in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.
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Cross-border PS pilots
Cross-border health project epSOS: What has it achieved?
In June 2014 the large-scale epSOS pilot, providing smart cross-border health services, came to an end. The epSOS team has written a letter to highlight the achievements of the project, outline initiatives taking the results forward, inform about where project outputs can be accessed after the project, and last but not least thank everyone involved.
epSOS logo
e-SENS: building a #ConnectedContinent
e-SENS - European Simple Electronic Networked Services is a large-scale cross-border pilot project (LSP) in the area of digital public services (eGovernment) that has been active since April 2013. e-SENS encompasses all previous piloting domains of the LSP family (e-CODEX, epSOS, PEPPOL, STORK and STORK 2.0, SPOCS) thus striving to bring interoperability and standardization to the EU e-Services sector.
VIDEO PARTERRE project: Citizens' voices in urban planning
Thanks to the PARTERRE project citizens can now influence urban & environmental planning of their community more easily. During several years PARTERRE has demonstrated and validated its business potential. New e-participation methods and tools for spatial and strategic planning at the European level are now more reachable.
Puzzled by Policy Platform
Puzzled by Policy was a project funded by the EU which aimed to reduce the complexity of decision making within the EU and reconnect citizens with politics and policymaking by combining successful pre-existing eParticipation tools with new widget technologies to bring policymaking on the hot topic of immigration and migration ‘to the people’ in a manner that is both fun and engaging. The "Puzzled by Policy" platform is now live and can be used by any policy domain.
Cloud of public services
InGeoCloudS newsletter
To keep you updated on the project's news, InGeoCloudS has just released its Newsletter. Have a look at it and learn all about the Platform's latest developments, the events attended by InGeoCloudS consortium, the organization of a half-day workshop during the INSPIRE Conference 2014 and their sustainability plans.
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eEnviPer – environmental permits for the 21st century
eEnviPer is an integrated web-based platform for the application, administration and consultation of environmental permits. By making the environmental permits process more transparent, accessible and efficient, eEnviPer helps to reduce the environmental impact of economic activities with the implementation of a cost-effective environmental permits process.
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ENGAGE platform
Simply said, ENGAGE is a door for researchers that leads them to the world of Open Government Data. By using the ENGAGE platform, researchers and citizens will be able to submit, acquire, search and visualize diverse, distributed and derived Public sector datasets from all the countries of the European Union.
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