It seems that all natural laws during the birth of the universe are very precisely aligned to give life a chance. That's very coincidental and why there is conjecture that our universe is but one in a huge amount of universes that are born continuously.
You can see it as a cosmic lottery. Every now and
then there is a universe in which life has a chance

- We must be well aware of such a top prize -

Motivated to better understand the current European uprise, I read in the year 2022 the following article about developments in Europe, period 2007-2017:

Idea of Europe attacked
"After deliberately destructed the idea of Europe, it showed alternatives were not present. The right to achieve chaos, however, was fully exploited: lies, half truths and kept back information made and fed discontent amoung populations. Euromyths strengthened that emotion further. Compared to the events, happened in the 19th and at the beginning of the 20st century, not harmless and therefore unwise.

Empty promises, great sense of drama, little sense of realism, a too simple representation of affairs, advocating easy solutions that do not work and fighting against ourselves was the atmosphere in which negative changes in the two eras were created.

Sensible people
But sensible people went the dialogue, turned the tide and arranged in time that politics and society took the right direction again. They saw advantage in the crisis and self-cleaning capacity, what put in motion the discussion about what kind of Europe, in stead of I want my country back. Now it has became a stronger Europe:

the EU is easily handling the different levels of ambition,
there is a common European global strategy, asylum and migration policy, a tax authority for the euro area and
there are steps made towards the development of the EU into a 'state'.



The president of the European Council is now elected by the Europeans, Europe has outposts in some countries around the external borders, and the influence of populism and the political ideology of nationalism has declined. European citizens have recognized again the advantages and achievements of further cooperation and are obvious involved in our common future. The discontent and the lies disappeared.

Vision of a future
Over 2000 years there has been a vision of a future in which Europa would acquire some kind of unity. There is not only ongoing debate about where the geographical centre is, but also on cultural and political issues and Europe's precise borders. For several reasons, the European project is nowadays often seen as monster, but the idea will not disappear. What lacks is real meaning and sufficient capacity, what we ourselves will have to give. We are equipped with a repository of tools that can shape our life and therefore able to find appropriate relevance that gives EUROPE glamor again.

we want

(United Nations)


'It is what you
and I, what we
the European people make of it tomorrow'




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