Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations on your re-election as President of the United States of America. A clear majority of the population has expressed to support outlined policies the next four years to come.

November 1 and 2, just after 'Sandy', I visited Manhatten due to the Aspen Institutes Annual Awards Dinner and saw clearly a strong presence of human feelings and reason. What makes the society strong are characteristics as optimism, hope, passion, intellect, able to address, undauntedness, belief in progress thinking, adaptability, diligence, and agility. These qualities provided the will and desire to return to normal life as quickly as possible.

So viewed, for the U.S.A. good perspectives are certainly ahead, and I believe European societies can learn from the characteristics.

'It is fascinating to have knowledge of elevations and dark sides of civilizations, to share views and perceptions about (apparent) prosperity, earnings and to reflect on the future of our space and place.

It is actually even more fascinating to work on policy-and decision-making processes, to enter platforms where spiritual, cultural and artistic, literary, intellectual discussions and debates in the social field are conducted, to expierence faces, drives and motivations of authorities who are delivering substance to effect of a good society and to our civilization'.

The above mentioned quotation is the opening line of the lecture 'Route Europe', which is about dynamics in Europe, and covers route of princess Europa, European societies, money, economy, politics, European institutions and my personal way to, through and views on Europe.

I invite you to notify: 'Route Europa'.

I emphasize the credo 'Whatever the weather, We must move together', because within Western civilization both continents are closely connected even though they do not always agree with each other.

I wish you great courage and wisdom for the years to come.

Yours sincerely,


E. (Erik) van der Kooij
Feeling EUROPE Foundation
associate member Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (Leyden University)

website: www.feelingeurope.eu
email : contribute@feelingeurope.eu

FeelingEUROPE fosters and guides European values and affairs to achieve more understanding and involvement with the aim to advance prosperity and wellbeing. For that purpose the desk promotes (knowledge about) European values and affairs, takes position as nexus between citizens, institutions, Europe, her identity and everything that is related in wider sense, mainly concerning cultural, philosophical and political fields. But also economical and technical fields are at stake. Furthermore, the desk does research work, delivers resonance and keeps up a website.
The foundation is an outgrowth from the conferences 'Europe, a Beautiful Idea' (5th) and 'The Sound of Europe'.

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