5 minutes talk on There is a new reality coming, is that bad? Sound is missing, text on this page THERE IS A NEW REALITY COMING, IS THAT BAD? 

'Europe can be signified as a continent (peninsula of Asia or also ‘land to the North’), a myth and as an union of nation states. In this way or another, citizens of Europe are all involved in Europe’s values and affairs. Therefore we have to act together if we will breath in future, if we don’t want to become poor, if we want to secure energy, if we don’t want to forget values. Not only by institutional fixes, that’s just a part of the answer, because the fixes will not stop multilateralism and multipolarity, but by having a primary feeling of attachment to Europe before and above any other geopolitical entity.

Suppose man can stay alive for a period of 200 years in stead of 80 and he was born in 1811, than he would be really aware that lean and fat periods are inherent to life. He would have experienced:

On one hand the bull, the many revolutions, set-backs, and wars and on the other the princess, the uprises and the desire of the European communities to feel good.
We indeed are connected through unity in diversity. Europe strives after certain levels of welfare and well-being continually, almost to a grade of matter of course. Economy and polyphony should be of help to that.
Philosophy, movements and ideologies, ethnic influences (teutons, slavic people, romans), arts, culture, literature, poetry, music, dance, languages, beauty, grandeurs, health, religions and the great good places did always all made part to realize the ideal.

Changing moral values, norms and capacities round about the millenium showed already signs of crumbling welfare and shifting powers, resulting in a world that was hit hard by the financial economic crisis, as big as during the Great Depression. Complexity of issues and tenacity by national levels to their interests in specific areas did contribute to the time-exposure,  final results and open ends. The crisis, caused by ample liquidity and low interest rates, let us see the inability to get all proper communications between macro- and micro economy and now we have the hangover.

We are in an era of transition, moving to a new reality. In this connection, believe in progress thinking, less fragmentation and more congruence where necessary is of great added value in order to create a viable Europe. For that we need effective innovation, good excercising of political authority, the use of institutional resources that lead to decisions and results and that are managing society’s problems and affairs. We also need solid financial systems and strong citizens’ involvement.If Europe wants to play a meaningful role in the world, it has to satisfy certain fundamental principles relevant for western societies (democracy, freedom, solidarity, tolerance, the rule of law: citizens' rights, justice) and a great spiritual movement, a broad category of ethical philosophies that affirm the dignity and worth of all people, in which the majority of society can feel at home. It also has to have the disposal of a strong and sustainable economy, a solid foreign and a proper security policy.


Previous objects were achieved and the question raised how to proceed further. New goals send up. For Europe more central moral and legal authority when it comes to crossborder affairs which can be regulated more efficacious at European level. Affairs such as economy, finance, energy, climate and foreign and security policy can be considered to unite. But we must not wait long. Other powers have already tied up their strength in order to advantage effects of congruence".