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  We are in a different era than any other era: Europe can now laid a new path for an era of:
  • Collaborative Commons, a new model of socio-economic production, based on innovative digital techniques in which a large number of people work together for the common good;
  • new trends in corporate social responsibility and
  • solving pollution issues.

If we don't want to get stuck, then we are obliged to follow a common ideal with each other as to how we will continue to live together. Not by populism, but by making compromises and by building on a common factual basis, a shared analysis framework.


enter into a
modern social contract
and European solidarity (for this, negative side effects of neo-liberalism must be reduced)
prepare for changes to come
a new socio-economic model using innovative digital techniques
international business ethics and new
trends in corporate social responsibility
capture key issues in common political agreements (eg. on pollution, energy, SDGs, border control, comity)

take full part on the
"Grand Chessboard"

continue to focus on
take care of Europe's soul
and soil and revive its
grand history and culture
complete unfinished business
(euro unit, Schengenacquis, ...)
work further on a
European authority

(transgovernmental method?)

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