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It’s time to

define and explain Europe’s role and position, time to know about Europe’s raison d'être and added value. Time to make clear what the Union can’t and will not do, because member states are able and want to do it by themselves



State of being free within
society from oppressive restrictions:
liberty and security
Quantitative property to be transferred to an object
to let it work or heat:
contamination of a substrate when harmful and foreign substances are added to it:
a brief, clear and
fair narrative
about Europe
continue to focus on enlargement
enter into a modern social contract and a European solidarity
complete unfinished business (euro unit, Schengenacquis, ...)
capture and implement key political agreements
(eg. on pollution and achieving SDGs)
take care of the soul of Europe
and revive its grand history
and culture

prepare the
people for
the changes
to come
take full part on the "Grand Chessboard"
work further
on a European authority
(transgovernmental method?)

Feeling Europe Foundation, against ignorance
Year end letter   Calendar 2020
C21 fellow