EUROPA, the land of creative activity

by interaction, ideas and his view on the world, man has come to where he is now
Would you like to live in China, Russia, Africa, a theocratically led area? Or would you dare to be a European in an area with history of ​​great artistic, literary, social and intellectual movements; an area where philosophy and humanism is practiced; an area that showed resilience after miseries; an area dealing with meaning and dignity; an area known for ​​'the Chariot'; and an area to play a pioneering role in the world. That would be the true essence: care for the soul and guide to the future. That is Europe and she can do it.

We are in a different era than any other. If we don't want to get stuck, then we are obliged to follow a common ideal as to how to live together, not by populistic aspirations, but by making compromises and by building on a common factual basis, a shared analysis framework:  
enter into a
modern social contract
and European solidarity (for this, negative side effects of neo-liberalism must be reduced)
prepare for changes to come
a new socio-economic model using innovative digital techniques
new trends in corporate social responsibility
capture key issues in
common political agreements

(eg. on
pollution, energy, SDGs, border control, comity)
take full part on the
"Grand Chessboard"
continue to focus on
take care of Europe's soul
and soil and create
grandeur and culture
complete unfinished business
(euro unit, Schengenacquis, ...)
work further on a
European authority

(transgovernmental method?)

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