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Is social Europe fit for globalization? 11-04-2008

Is a German exit of the Euro conceivable?
Risk of challenges to key values, leading to social chaos will run extremely high

GMB is unique in being one of the few British trade unions, and one of a handful of pioneer unions at European level Social Fairness and environment EU conference 24-02-09
(Intereconomics, 2012)
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EU Commissioner Mr Lásló Andor for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion did speak at the event 'Social Europe after the Crisis'


In April 2008 the European Commission in cooperation with the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS, a conference “A Social Europe Fit for Globalisation”. The event was related for a part to the Commission’s preparations for a renewed Social Agenda. How to accomodate a global dynamic as increased immigration for instance has become more prominent on the policy agenda and is now viewed as an urgent issues in many member states. The study on the social impact of globalisation informs that, although there are fears, social policy and the capacity and potentials of my family to maintain its commitments to solidarity is of rather solid nature. The key message is that the EU as a whole will gain from globalisation. However, Europa urges that the social impact of globalisation in the EU context has to be regularly analysed in relation between inequality, growth and poverty and its policy of existing rules ongoing readjusted to prevent “social dumping” and to maintain and stimulate increase social achievements.

According to the study, core of a social policy is in education, immigration policy, labour market and economic reforms and the re-shaping of social protection in order to rescue the existing social welfare systems, especially of public pension and health insurance schemes. It are keys for a succesful response of globalisation. Based on the study on the social impact of globalisation:

  • globalisation is more an opportunity than a menance

  • globalisation brings aggregate benefits ..........

  • ........ but there are undeniably adverse consequences

  • what are the core policy challenges?

  • Policy responses to globalisation may further increase uncertainties ......

  • ........ but can also favour the capacity to adjust

  • globalisation is not the only rationale for reinventing the welfare state .....

  • the European social model is not doomed!


However, “fear is justifiably so in 2008 at least for the 78 million Europeans who live on the brink of poverty” (2012: 110 million). Socialsolidarity refers to the integration, and degree and type of integration, shown by a society or group. Social solidarity refers to the ties in a society - social relations - that bind people to one another