By interaction, ideas and his view on the world, man has come to where he is now, but we are in a different era than any other.

If we don't want to get stuck, then we are obliged to follow a common ideal of how to live together by making compromises and by building a common factual basis, a shared analyses framework to create a new order for the age.





> dare to know, dare to believe in, dare to march <

dare to believe in

and in a peaceful future based on

rights and common values

common future

True believe in THE IDEA of EUROPE and progress of the EUROPEAN PROJECT is important to play a powerful role on the world stage.

Regarding the economy, Europe is working hard to strengthen its
economic governance and system to produce cleaner and distribute more fairly, taking advantage of new trends in corporate social responsibility and innovative digital techniques.

European authority

The European Union, a group of cooperating states that
retain their independence, is a supranational body to handle interests as well as prosperity by pooling some of national authority in areas where it is best to cooperate.

The Strategic Compass for the EU sets out the EU's core interests and principles for engaging in the wider world and gives the Union a collective sense of direction.



ARMY FORCE and Security Council

letter on energy

EU in the world






C21fellow Genesis, garden of Eden, pity of war, Bildung (process of harmonization of mind, heart, selfhood and identity), SDGs
NEXUS Institute 
Caux Round Table for Moral Capitalism
Council for Inclusive Capitalism
Feeling EUROPE fosters and guides European values and affairs, aiming to improve living conditions as human condition. For that purpose the desk takes position as nexus between citizens, institutions, Europe, her identity and everything that is related in wider sense, mainly concerning cultural, philosophical and political fields. But also economical and technical fields are at stake. Furthermore, the desk does research work, delivers resonance and keeps up a website.

The foundation is an outgrowth from the conferences 'Europe: A Beautiful Idea?' (5th) and 'The Sound of Europe'  
 Feeling EUROPE Foundation, established at Wassenaar 5-12-2007, Commercial Register The Hague number 27308610