By interaction, ideas and his view on the world, man has
come to where he is now, but we are in a different era than
any other. If we don't want to get stuck, then we are obliged
to follow a common ideal as to how to live together, not by
force or by nationalistic / populistic aspirations, but by
making compromises and by building a common factual
basis, a shared analyses framework



-> dare to know, dare to believe in, dare to march <-


dare to believe in

the care for Europe's soul and soil, artistic styles, ways of thinking in philosophy and culture

a peaceful future based on rights and common values





No totalitarian, autocratic, authoritarian, militarist regimes, and not an environment for fanatical arrogance and desperate humbug, gangs of violent extremists and religious terrorists, piracy, threats, fear, intimidation and xenophobia.

common future

Progress of the European project and a true believe in The Idea of Europe is important to play a powerful role on the world stage. Europe is building hard towards an economic system that produces cleaner and distributes more fairly, using  new trends in corporate social responsibility and innovative digital techniques.

A new socio-economic model will arise and we will do business in a different way. The blockchain (*) and associated technological changes will massively disrupt current economic conditions.

The industrial revolution ushered in a world where business models were predicated on hierarchy and financial capitalism. The blockchain revolution will see an economy dominated by human capitalism and greater individual autonomy.

(*) Blockchain, a shared ledger. Anything of value, including money, our identities, cultural assets like music, and even a vote can be stored, managed, transacted, and moved in a secure, private way

European authority

the European Union, a group of cooperating states that retain their independence. The construction is a supranational body to handle interests as well as to extent prosperity by pooling some of national 'sovereignty' in areas where it is best to cooperate:

The EU Global Strategy sets out the EU's core interests and principles for engaging in the wider world and gives the Union a collective sense of direction. The Strategy, which adopted multilateralism, helps to make our Union more effective in relationships and in confronting cross-border hazards.

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