Professor Claus Offe (born 1940 in Berlin) is one of the world's leading political sociologists of marxist orientation. Once a student of Jürgen Habermas, the left-leaning German academic is counted among the second generation Frankfurt School. He currently teaches at a private university in Berlin, the Hertie School of Governance.

He has made substantive contributions to understanding the relationships between democracy and capitalism. His recent work has focused on economies and states in transition to democracy.
Other fields of attention are: Political sociology, Social policy, Democratic theory, Transformation studies and Dual Allocation Problem

Career movements

  • 2006 - Joint Professor of Theories of the State, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin (with Ulrich K. Preuss).

  • 2005 — Retired in April.

  • 1995-2005 — Professor of Political Science at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

  • 1989-1995 — Teacher at University of Bremen and served as visiting professor at various academic institutions in US, Netherlands, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Australia and Italy.

  • 1973 — Habilitation from the University of Konstanz.

  • 1968 — Received a doctorate from the University of Frankfurt.

  • 1965 — Graduated from the Free University of Berlin.

recent publications

  • 2005 — ”Reflections on America: Tocqueville, Weber and Adorno in the United States”, Cambridge: University Press,

  • 1998 — ”Institutional Design in Post-Communist Societies. Rebuilding the Ship at Sea.” (with Jon Elster and Ulrich K. Preuss), Cambridge: University Press,

  • 1996 — ”The Varieties of Transition: the East European and East German experience” (with Jeremy Gaines), Cambridge: Polity Press,

  • 1996 — ”Modernity and The State: East and West.” (with Charles Turner and Jeremy Gaines), Cambridge: Polity Press.