Dear visitor, this site is a result of communication with Dr. W. Schüssel, former chancellor of Austria. During the conference 'Europe. A Beautiful Idea?' organized in 2004 by the Nexus Institute, an invitation was received to participate in 2006 the international conference on the future of Europe "The Sound of Europe" in Salzburg.

The foundation's purpose is to improve prosperity, well-being and a common sense of belonging, using liberal democracy, humanistic principles and an economic financial system that meets the broadest needs of the people.

Regards, E. (Erik) van der Kooij
The desk:
  • promotes (knowledge about) European values and affairs;
  • takes position as nexus between citizens and institutions;
  • delivers resonance and provides presentations;
  • participates in conferences, meetings, workshops, presentations, seminars, symposia;
  • does research work;
  • from april 2011 till 2018 associate member Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (Leiden University, Faculty Governance and Global Affairs);
  • maintains the website.
For contact: contribute@feelingeurope.eu
The foundation was set up and registered 5-12-2007 in The Hague under TR. No. 27308610 and 05-09-2022 included in the UBO register  


FEELING EUROPE is a civil society organization, delivers insights and expierences of many developments in society and acts as an independent observer, communicates with citizens and institutions and informs about European values and affairs, with the intention to strengthen European thoughts and feelings. This website, together with social media, is a space and a tool to carry over this idea.

On its activities, the desk was interviewed by The Hague newspaper on 6 January 2012, by a daily Dutch newspaper, section 'the Twist' and National Geographic on the condition of man (contribution to The Race Card project of Michele Norris) and was asked by the Corporate Leaders Group to underwrite in May 2022 the Business Letter on the RepowerEU Plan.

All information on this website is uploaded, using reliable material and does not intent to mislead viewers. A generative pre-trained transformer was not used anywhere.

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The foundation's year-end closing message: introduction letter message 23_24


But what is it to have
a feeling of Europe and what does it mean?

It is a component of European identity, an idea to become reality. Actually there are 3 perspectives:

The FEELING (the sensing closeness between the populations and the EU and/or Europe), the THINKING (dealing with the assessment of Europe and framing of the European integration) and the DOING (displaying loyalty and altering behaviour in favour of group related activities as a consequence of being part of Europe). The community becomes meaningful when they recognize and regard themselves as part, which they believe to have significant attributes and when their feelings of belonging have social consequences. A primary feeling of attachment to Europe before and above any other geopolitical entity may called a feeling Europe. Based on the history there is talk of European uniqueness built on cultural and humanistic commitment to democracy, human rights, peace and tolerance. Developing affection for this 'real existing European identity' can let grow the idea of a sense of Europe..
In many ways, Europe is already united. For a long time, it is not only 'the idea' anymore. But there are still deficits, flaws and weaknesses. So, if you see a way to do something, adapt your mindset. Do not think only "what's in it for me", but also 'what can be my contribution". Democracy is not only go, but means also maintenance and renewal, otherwise that value can pass by.
Although interest in Europe is present much more feeling and involvement is needed if we as continent want to development more cohesion. Strengthen your European consciousness to perfect further the quality of life. Use your influence. If succeeding bridging the gaps between peoples, institutions, Europe and its identity, we are able to construct our future easier through which our lives will become much more for our good and more prosperous.


European identity arises from the thesis 'UNITED IN DIVERSITY". This explains that Europeans work together for peace and prosperity and tells us that the various cultures, traditions and languages in Europe are an advantage for the continent. European cooperation and integration is essential to sustain peace and to realize social economical goals. Increasing interweave on European as well as world-wide level makes of cooperation concerning and attuning to policies within the Union an elementary condition to achieve higher prosperity. Besides a relief and counterbalance can be framed against a uninhibited globalization at the cost of West European model of social market-economy.

The EU was able making steps through disciplinary actions of community laws, the proper role of the European Commission, the Court of Justice of the European Communities, the European Parliament and application of decision-making. In the beginning cooperation was mainly present on fields such as coles, steel, agriculture, nuclear energy and transport. Nowadays there is also cooperation within fields as monetary politics, international trade, consumers protection, security, science, fight against terrorism, asylum and immigration, energy sustainability, climate change, innovation and research.

There is a small budget, but support would be appreciated in order to extend. For further transfer-details, please sent an email to the foundation. Or single eur 20,00 (your name and country will be published on this website), or a year eur 50,00 (one banner focussed on the benefit of Europe, put on one of the to be considered sub page of this website). Feeling EUROPE Foundation does not have the status of ANBI. Donations are not deductible.

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